The first time Bob Proctor – star of “The Secret” and best-selling author of
“You Were Born Rich” – listened to this program, it brought tears to his eyes!

You Could Be Sitting On Wealth Beyond Measure –
Right Now, Right In Your Own Backyard!

In this brand-new presentation from Richard W. Fox,
you will discover how to unearth your own prosperity…

Heading down the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, Russell Conwell found himself under the direction of an old Arab guide.

Suddenly the guide announced, “I will tell you a story which I reserve for my particular friends.” He then proceeded to tell a tale of an ancient Persian by the name of Ali Hafed who had once lived near the River Indus.

Wealthy … but he felt like a poor man

img001aAli Hafed owned a very large farm – he had orchards, grain fields, and gardens; he had money invested, and was a wealthy and contented man. Then one day Ali Hafed was visited by a traveling Buddhist priest who told the wealthy farmer all about diamonds – how they were formed deep in the earth, and why they are now so valuable.

That night, in spite of his wealth, Ali Hafed went to bed feeling like a poor man. “I want a mine of diamonds,” he said to himself, “without that, I am truly not rich!” He lay awake all night, wondering where he could find one.
The very next day he sold his farm, collected his money, left his family in the care of a neighbor, and went off in search of diamonds.


Sadly, Ali never did find his diamond mine, and he died a lonely, defeated and penniless man. MEANWHILE…

Back on the farm, the new owner made an absolutely AMAZING discovery! (I think you might be able to guess what it is … so I will leave the details for later.)

Thus begins one of the true classics of Business and Personal Development literature – Russell Conwell’s “Acres Of Diamonds” .

The story of Ali Hafed is only one of several “parables” in Conwell’s book – each with their own lessons but all of them pointing to the one truth he spent a lifetime sharing: “There are acres of diamonds to be found in your own back yard if you will but dig for them.”

Of course when he spoke of “diamonds” he meant “opportunities” – the ability to create wealth of your own choosing, from whatever God has provided in your “circumstances”.

So popular was Conwell’s message that he ended up delivering his Acres Of Diamonds speech more than 5,000 times between 1885 and 1925.

I am astonished that so many people should care to hear this story over and over again. Indeed, this lecture remains the most popular of any I have delivered in the fifty-seven years of my public life.

Russell H. Conwell

And his grateful listeners – many of whom were inspired to create their own fortunes – “gave back” to Conwell (then as head of the local Baptist Parish) in such quantities that he was able to found both Temple University AND Samaritan Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Now this classic guide to seeing opportunity all around
has just gotten a WHOLE LOT better

In this 2-CD audio version – the first real improvement in Russell Conwell’s classic in years – Richard Fox brings new life and a fresh perspective to Conwell’s classic.

Richard first heard about Acres Of Diamonds around 1985 while listening
to Earl Nightingale’s cassette recording of The Strangest Secret.

It took him several years to find a copy of the book, but when he went searching for an audio version, Richard couldn’t find anything that did justice to Conwell’s original. Fast forward to 2015 and Richard’s first meeting with Bob Proctor – one of the most highly respected leaders in the field of Human Potential and Personal Development.

Bob told Richard, “Of course you can’t find a suitable recording of that book – you haven’t MADE it yet! Now get to it.”

And thus was born…
“Illuminating Discoveries in Acres of Diamonds”

When Bob heard the finished product – produced by John Ystrom, the same man who served as both Producer and Recording Engineer for many of Earl Nightingale’s recordings…

Bob gave it his highest praise:

Richard’s recording of Acres Of Diamonds is the only thing I’ve ever heard that comes near Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret.

Bear in mind, that this compliment comes from someone who was a close friend and business associate of Earl Nightingale many years ago. An assistant of Bob Proctor says he even “had tears in his eyes” as he listened.

That’s because, in addition to the original book playing such a key role in Bob’s life, listening to Richard’s recitation is pure pleasure from beginning to end! As more than one listener has said … “Richard has an amazing set of pipes!”

The many tales Richard shares in this program prove that almost everything you seek elsewhere – every solution, every opportunity – already exists in your life, and closer at hand than you might suspect!

Acres Of Diamonds is lasting proof that great things really do come in small packages. There is just so much wisdom in so little space. It is truly “timeless”! In fact, many of Conwell’s ideas are being rediscovered today by executives, entrepreneurs, and parents.

Here are some examples of what you’ll discover in “Illuminating Discoveries in Acres of Diamonds”:

  • How to succeed in ANY business, in ANY location
  • How to get the most life out of your years. (There are plenty of other books explaining the reverse.)
  • How to reduce stress and get a better night’s sleep!
  • How to build a large, profitable business … with practically ZERO CAPITAL
  • How the seemingly simplest of ideas could become your first – or next – fortune. Like the safety pin (and how it turned around the life of one very poor man) and the eraser-tipped pencil (and how it took the mind of a child to recognize its worth)
  • You’ll learn how to acquire great wealth simply by caring about your neighbors
  • How to recognize the “diamonds” in your own situation and location – rough and unpolished as they may be at first. (The answer does not always lie in widening your search – sometimes you just need to dig a little deeper, using imagination as your shovel.)

Although Conwell keeps bringing his stories and the lessons they illustrate back to matters of business…

These principles are just as useful at home, in dealing with our own personal success, with Family, and Life in general.

The real genius in Conwell’s original book, and Fox’s audio version lies in the simplicity of the message. In fact, many people need to listen to the message a second time before the finely-crafted pieces click into place. Other people begin having “ah-ha moments” right from the get-go.

So many stories, so little time!

img003In just a hair over an hour-and-a-half, Richard shares all of Conwell’s original tales:

  • There is the story of a man who owned a ranch in California. That is … until he sold it to seek his fortune elsewhere, and was never seen or heard from again. The new owner, meanwhile, discovered gold in a creek that ran through the property. By the time the California Gold Rush petered out, miners had taken more than 750,000 POUNDS of gold from the entire area.
  • Then there is the farmer from Pennsylvania who sold out to explore for coal oil in Canada. As you might suspect, the fellow he sold to found a reliable supply right there on that farm, flowing right along the surface of a creek – a supply worth HUNDREDS of millions of dollars.

The original owner had actually placed a plank across the creek to push aside oil to the far bank so his cattle could drink!

Richard also tells of the “professor of mineralogy” who was literally sitting on a fortune in silver every time he perched on the fence … but was never aware of it. Determined not to work for local teaching wages, the professor moved away with his mother to another state.

Well… that smart young man had scarcely dragged his poor mother away from the old homestead before the new owner, struggling to drag an over-full basket of potatoes through the narrow gate, spied a block of native silver eight inches square, built right into the end of the stone fence!

If you’re beginning to notice a pattern here, congratulations – first lesson learned!

It’s not just for adults, either…

Listen to Richard Fox’s “Illuminating Discoveries in Acres of Diamonds” with your children, too.

Pop one of the discs into your car’s stereo when you go for a drive… or just let it play in the background while preparing supper, or doing chores. Your kids will “hear” it even if they aren’t “listening” to it. You can even let it run softly while your child drifts off to sleep at night.

Don’t feel you need to “interpret” the lessons for them, pointing out every lesson along the way. Kids are very perceptive and are great at pulling what they need from any story.

Feel free to discuss it with them – asking about their favorite parts, or what the stories mean to them. Then just relax knowing that the principles that Richard narrates are being filed away for your child to draw upon them later.

My 13-year old son has been listening to – and enjoying – Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn, and such for several years. It’s the stories he enjoys most. So when I played your Acres of Diamond CDs for him, he loved them! I can see how all of these impact his development over the years. But growing up in a small town, Acres will be particularly helpful!

A. Henderson
British Columbia, Canada

Playing this program for your children will inspire them, and build in them a strong attitude of overcoming adversity until they succeed. Do it while they are young – before they develop those bad habits that are so much harder to overcome when they are older, and before they meet with any “major” failures.

That tired old “root of all evil” argument…

The opportunities to get rich, to achieve great wealth, exist right now, right where you stand (or very close to it), within the reach of almost every man and woman who can hear Richard’s voice.

img004Money is power, and anyone with a good heart and generous attitude SHOULD want more money because you can do far more good with it than you ever could do without it. Money builds hospitals, schools, and churches … money can feed and clothe the poor and homeless … and yes, money can make life so much more rewarding and fulfilling for you and your family… and there is certainly nothing wrong with that!

As a Baptist preacher, Russell Conwell often faced criticism from his “pious brethren” for advising young people (and others) to make themselves rich.

He told them what you probably already know, and any starving wretch can tell you:

It’s hard to be pious on an empty stomach

Conwell was no fool.

He knew full well who could best put food on the table for some poor family. And who is best-positioned
to fill the collection plate to over-flowing on Sunday morning?

It is the pious man or woman WITH MONEY!

No more excuses! It is time to stake YOUR claim…

One month from now, a year from now…

Will you still be stuck in the same daily grind with nothing different, nothing new, to show for the passing of time? Still looking off into the distance for a solution, “waiting” for opportunity to strike like a viper, and making the same lame excuses when “things don’t work out” for you?

Free yourself from that old useless way of seeing the world around you! Quit making excuses, and start making a difference instead. Get ready to see opportunities at every turn.

Grab your copy of “Illuminating Discoveries in Acres of Diamonds” today, for only $34.95

With the right tools, ANYONE can become more successful than they already are – and that includes you! Richard Fox’s program “Illuminating Discoveries in Acres of Diamonds” will give you the courage and the heart to begin and to keep on keeping on … and show you how easy it can be to discover the diamond mine in your own backyard.



The “amazing discovery” on Ali Hafed’s farm

And what ever happened to poor Ali Hafed’s farm – what “amazing discovery” did the new owner make?

DIAMONDS, of course!

As the old Arab guide told Conwell, “Thus was discovered the diamond mine of Golconda, the most magnificent diamond mine in all the history of mankind, excelling the Kimberly itself. The Kohinoor, and the Orloff of the crown jewels of England and Russia, the largest on earth, came from that mine.”

Yes, in his haste to run off and find a diamond mine, the first farmer had sold what became one of the most productive and profitable diamond mines on the entire African continent.

As Earl Nightingale was so fond of saying:

Before running off to what you think are greener pastures, make sure your own is not just as green or perhaps even greener. It has been said that if the other guy’s pasture appears to be greener than yours, it’s quite possible it’s getting better care. Besides, while you’re looking at other pastures, other people are looking at yours.